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Sabai Academy is a free educational platform where users can acquire knowledge in various subjects, including cryptocurrencies, blockchain, real estate investment, fractional ownership, and tokenization of assets.

Additionally, upon completing the courses, you will receive a reward in the form of Sabai tokens, as well as various bonuses that can be used in other products within the Sabai ecosystem.

Sabai Ecosystem is a global platform that combines modern blockchain technology and products for investing in tokenized fractional real estate in Phuket.

Why learn with us?

Self-Paced Learning

Learn at your own pace with our online courses and articles.

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Academy gives the opportunity to earn crypto-rewards while studying.

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Our learning resources are created by subject matter experts with vast experience and expertise.

Earning opportunities with Sabai

Stake Sabai Tokens and invest in tokenized real estate with Sabai Property for passive income.