Knowing what the best countries to invest in real estate are is vital for every investor. Sabai Academy has compiled a broad list of the nations with the best conditions for investing in international real estate. The list is based by considering several key factors like rental yields, expenses, and taxes, as well as external factors, such as geopolitical, cultural, and social ones. So let's deal with the question in more detail.


Rental Yield: 5,13%
Tax Rate: 2,73%
Rental Price: $2,029

Despite the average rate of return of 5.13%, Thailand remains an excellent country for buying real estate abroad due to its low tax rate and good rental prices. Investing in the apartment market is recommended as it offers simpler management and the potential for high returns.

In addition, a large number of tourist attraction points, a comfortable climate and developed infrastructure ensure a constant flow of travelers and high demand for resort real estate. Thanks to this, the country has good investment potential, and the yield in some areas can reach 8%.


Rental Yield: 6.12%
Tax Rates: 10%, 12%, 22%, 24%, 32%, 35% and 37%
Rental Price: $1,702

When it comes to the real estate investments in the United States, it’s worth mentioning California, including areas like San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and the Silicon Valley.

Thanks to its huge population, robust economy, and appealing way of life, California is a well-liked location for real estate investment. San Francisco and the Silicon Valley region, due to the existence of innovative businesses and an active employment market, have a high demand for homes. Los Angeles, in turn, is also attractive because of its tourist and entertainment sectors. In addition, strong real estate markets are present in coastal areas like San Diego and Santa Barbara, which benefit from enticing beaches and affluent neighborhoods.

Pay attention that in California, real estate costs can be very high, especially in upscale neighborhoods. It means that before making a purchase, investors should conduct thorough market research and evaluate the likelihood of growth and appreciation.


Rental Yield: 5.12%
Tax Rate: 0%
Rental Price: $966

Cyprus is considered one of the most attractive countries for real estate investment due to its favorable conditions. The main benefits of investing in a property in Cyprus will be a high level of life, straightforward taxation, and economic opportunities. Moreover, after five years, the investor can apply for Cypriot citizenship and travel to 170 nations, including the EU and Great Britain, without a visa.

Also, investors can enjoy tax exemption until they earn their first $23,399, while still benefiting from a solid return rate of 5.12%. Even with low rental prices, Cyprus remains one of the best countries to buy land.


Rental Yield: 6,64%
Tax Rate: 10,05%
Rental Price: $2,077

Irish per capita earnings are among the highest ever recorded. Ireland's efforts to increase commerce and investment have attracted several foreign students and IT experts. The Irish real estate market attracts buyers both inside and outside of Ireland. Selling a house in Ireland could be a profitable endeavor.

In addition, Ireland's high rental prices and good returns make it a great choice for real estate investment, even for those with little experience in the field. The tax system is also quite favorable, although caution is advised due to rising real estate prices.

Costa Rica

Rental Yield: 7,48%
Tax Rate: 5,16%
Rental Price: $1,450

Real estate ownership in Costa Rica may be a great way to make money. Despite having relatively low rental prices, Costa Rica offers a high rate of return and a very low tax rate, making it an excellent option for real estate investment. Its tax system is among the best compared to other countries, further enhancing its investment potential.

Foreign buyers can easily purchase property in Costa Rica without encountering any legal complications, thanks to the relaxed regulations concerning foreign ownership.


Rental Yield: 5,19%
Tax Rate: 5%
Rental Price: $3,070

One of the most alluring locations in the UAE for real estate investment is Dubai. The city's real estate market is rising because of its advantageous tax structure, robust infrastructure, expanding population, and diverse industry. In order to increase demand for the city's real estate, the Dubai government has made significant investments in new residential and commercial developments.

Due to the world-class infrastructure in the emirates, 2021 saw the largest number of real estate transactions, or around 61241. A benefit of investing in Dubai is that there are no yearly property taxes, income taxes, rental value taxes, or value-added taxes. The demand for hotel and resort assets is fueled by the city's burgeoning tourist sector.


Rental Yield: 6,13%
Tax Rate: 4,06%
Rental Price: $2,422

With a low cost of living, impressive yield of 6.13%, friendly tax system, and good rental prices, the Philippines is a highly appealing option for real estate investment. The economic and tourist attractiveness of the region further bolsters its investment potential.

In general, it should be noted that the real estate market in the Philippines is currently booming: the country's economy has been expanding quickly lately, with a 6.7% average GDP growth from 2021 to 2022.


Rental Yield: 6,24%
Tax Rate: 10%
Rental Price: $997

Bulgaria has established itself as a popular location for many foreign purchasers. With a range of options, including beach and ski resorts, energetic towns, and stunning countryside for relocating or vacationing, it provides the most affordable real estate rates in all of Europe.

Despite its low rental prices, the country has a very good rental yield and landlord-friendly taxation. The investment potential of Bulgarian real estate is further increased by its 6.24% yield and developed tourist infrastructure.


Rental Yield: 4,17%
Tax Rate: 7,5%
Rental Price: $1,460

Even though Greece does not rank first in rental yields, it offers an effective tax rate lower than many countries on this list, so it can easily be considered as an option to grow your investment. Greek developers promise an annual rental income of up to 10%. Additionally, you won't have to worry about finding renters or keeping the home up to date if you purchase a property through a managing firm.


Rental Yield: 5,52%
Tax Rate: 10,7%
Rental Price: $854

While foreigners are prohibited from buying land for agricultural activities in the Kingdom of Morocco, international investment property can still be purchased with good yield and low tax rates. However, the average rental value in Morocco is lower compared to other countries on the list, so patience may be required for those seeking long-term investment opportunities.


Rental Yield: 4,35%
Tax Rate: 23,33%
Rental Price: $2,229

Buying immovable property in Malta, whether it be residential or commercial property, is a solid investment. Malta boasts high rental prices and appropriate profitability. However, remember that the region's taxes are also quite high, and property prices are constantly on the rise, making it a more challenging option for those without extensive experience in real estate investment overseas.


The choice of country to buy real estate is one of the main factors on which the future return on investment depends. The economies of the nations we've listed in the article are stable, and their real estate markets are booming, providing excellent chances for growth and returns on investment.

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