Investing in resort real estate can be a lucrative opportunity, but it requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure a successful venture. In this article, we'll highlight the important factors that will help you make an informed investment decision.

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Low Occupancy Rates Among Competitors

This can have negative implications for resort real estate investments. It is important to thoroughly evaluate this factor before making investment decisions. 

Here are some recommendations to consider:

  1. Study regional statistical data: examine regional statistical data on occupancy rates in the target area. Utilize reliable sources such as industry reports or market studies to gain insights into the average occupancy rates among competitors. This data can provide a clear picture of the demand for resort accommodations.
  2. Consult local authorities: reach out to local tourism authorities or relevant government agencies for information on occupancy rates in the region. They may have access to comprehensive data or insights that can help assess the competitive landscape.
  3. Utilize other data sources: explore alternative sources of information about competitors' occupancy rates. This could include contacting industry associations, analyzing online booking platforms, or engaging with real estate agents specializing in the area. These sources can provide valuable data to supplement your research.

By following these recommendations, investors can gain a deeper understanding of the occupancy rates among competitors in the resort real estate market. This knowledge will enable them to make more informed decisions and assess the potential success of their investment in light of the existing demand in the target area.

Insufficient Infrastructure

Insufficient infrastructure poses a significant challenge for investments in resort real estate, as it directly impacts the property's appeal and investment potential. When key elements of infrastructure, such as transportation options and essential amenities, are lacking, it hinders the overall attractiveness of the property.

One major concern with inadequate infrastructure is its impact on accessibility. Limited or poorly developed transportation options, such as airports, roads, or public transportation, make it difficult for potential renters or vacationers to reach the resort property. This lack of accessibility can discourage tourists from choosing the property, leading to reduced rental demand and potential income.

In addition, inadequate infrastructure also affects the convenience offered to visitors. Essential amenities like grocery stores, restaurants, medical facilities, and recreational activities play a crucial role in enhancing the overall experience for vacationers. Travelers seek convenience and easy access to necessary services during their stay, and the absence of such amenities can deter them from selecting a particular resort property.

In a competitive market, tourists have various options when choosing their vacation destinations. Properties with robust infrastructure, offering convenient transportation options and a range of amenities, are more likely to attract visitors and generate higher rental demand.

Limited Access to Private Beaches and Amenities

This is a crucial consideration when investing in resort real estate. The availability and convenience of these features significantly impact the desirability and rental potential of the property. 

In locations with a high concentration of hotels, private beaches can be scarce or non-existent for individual resort property owners. Hotels tend to occupy prime beachfront areas, leaving limited opportunities for private access. 

Additionally, many popular amenities and establishments, such as restaurants, bars, and recreational facilities, are often clustered within hotel premises. This creates a disadvantage for individual resort property owners, as tourists prefer the convenience and variety of services offered by hotels. 

The presence of private beaches and hotel-owned establishments can greatly impact the rental demand and occupancy rates of resort properties. Vacationers typically seek a comprehensive experience that includes easy beach access and a range of amenities. If a resort property cannot offer these features or competes with hotels for limited available space, it may struggle to attract renters and maintain high occupancy rates.

Offering unique features, collaborating with nearby establishments, or highlighting nearby attractions can enhance the appeal of the resort property and attract renters seeking a distinctive and convenient vacation experience.

Dominance of Package Tourists

The prevalence of package tourists, who favor comprehensive travel packages, can have consequences for the rental market and overall prosperity of the investment.

Package tourists typically opt for pre-arranged travel packages that include flights, accommodations, and other amenities. They often prioritize the convenience and affordability offered by these packages. In contrast, individual resort properties tend to attract independent travelers who seek a more personalized experience.

If the majority of tourists in the area are package tourists, it is likely that they will prefer staying in hotels that cater to their specific needs. This preference can limit the demand for individual resort properties as potential renters are more inclined to choose accommodations within all-inclusive hotel resorts.


Investing in resort real estate presents enticing prospects, but it is crucial to approach it with prudence and knowledge. By carefully evaluating factors such as low occupancy rates among competitors, the presence of adequate infrastructure, limited access to private amenities, and the dominance of package tourists, you can mitigate potential risks and optimize your investment outcomes. Remember to conduct thorough research, analyze market trends, and make informed decisions based on the facts and examples presented.

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