Sabai Ecoverse users have access to a variety of investment instruments, one of which is the Property Pool.

The Property Pool combines one or more real estate assets actively leased, generating profits distributed among the pool participants.

Investments in the real estate pool are made in $SABAI tokens. However, the users' acquired share of the pool is denominated in USD. This structure ensures that investments in the real estate pool are shielded from the volatility of the $SABAI token.

If you don't have $SABAI tokens yet, we recommend using our guide on purchasing $SABAI. To learn everything about creating MetaMask and connecting it to SABAI ID, follow our FULL GUIDE: MetaMask + Sabai.

The value of your pool share in USD may change with fluctuations in real estate prices, both increasing and decreasing. However, real estate rarely experiences significant corrections and generally appreciates in the long term.

Payouts for participating in the pool occur in $SABAI tokens once a week on Wednesdays (in the future, they will be conducted daily). The acquired tokens are credited to the user's off-chain Sabai ID balance.

Minimum investment amount is 500 $SABAI tokens. Investment period is 24 months. Early exit from the pool is possible with a penalty:

  • 20% – when exiting within 1-6 months.
  • 15% – when exiting within 6-12 months.
  • 10% – when exiting within 12-18 months.
  • 5% – when exiting within 18-24 months.
  • 0% – when exiting after 24 months.

Please note! Verification (KYC) is not mandatory for real estate pool investments.


1. To start investing in the real estate pool, log in to your Sabai ID, go to the "Property pools" section under "My account."



2. Here, you can choose the pool to invest in and the amount of capital you want to contribute. Fill in the relevant fields and click "Next."



3. Review the investment terms, including the deposit amount, the SABAI/USD exchange rate for purchasing shares, the size of the acquired pool share, and its current price in USD. Afterward, click "Confirm."



4. Your acquired share will then be reflected in the respective pool.



If needed, you can prematurely end your real estate pool investments by pressing the corresponding button.



In the pool's information card, you can also familiarize yourself with its key characteristics:

  • Pool Volume: the total pool size in USD.
  • Available: the percentage of the pool available for purchase.
  • Shares Already: the number of shares already acquired by users.
  • Staking Volume on entry: whether investments in this pool are considered Staking Volume, influencing additional returns in other Sabai Ecoverse products, such as Sabai Light.
  • Your share: your investment share in the pool.
  • Entry date: the date of investment in the pool.
  • Cost estimate: the cost of your share in USDT.
  • Yearly rewards: the pool's annual yield, comprising Property reward and Ecosystem reward.


If desired, you can also navigate to the information card of the property placed in the pool. To do this, click on the pool's name.



In the property's information card, you can find detailed information, including technical specifications and financial indicators.


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