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What is Sabai ID?

Sabai ID is the user account for Sabai Ecoverse, providing quick and seamless access to all ecosystem products from a unified interface: balances, investments, financial tools, and much more. Sabai ID serves as the connective link throughout the entire ecosystem. If you don't have your Sabai ID yet, you can register right now!

How to register a Sabai ID?

1. Go to the Sabai Ecoverse website and click on “Sign Up” in the top right corner.



2. Enter your email, username, password, and repeat the password. 



3. Review the Privacy Policy and check the corresponding box.



4. Complete the captcha and click “Sign Up” at the bottom of the form.



5. Enter the confirmation code from the email sent to your specified email and click “Confirm”.



6. Congratulations! You are now registered!

How to connect MetaMask wallet to Sabai ID?

NOTE! If you have any further questions about using MetaMask and Sabai, please check out the FULL GUIDE: MetaMask + Sabai. Within this guide, you can locate the necessary answers and instructions using the table of contents.


 1. In Sabai ID, go to the "Wallet" section, then the "External Wallet" subsection.



2. Click "Link Wallet to Account".



3. In the pop-up window, click "Next".



4. Then click "Connect".



5. After that, click "Link Wallet to Account" again.



6. Congratulations! Your MetaMask wallet is successfully linked to Sabai ID.


ATTENTION! Currently, MetaMask connection is stable only in the PC version. 

If I don't have a MetaMask wallet, can I connect another wallet?

Currently, Sabai ID only supports the connection of MetaMask wallet.

How to check the balance of SABAI tokens?

You can check the current amount of your $SABAI tokens in your Sabai ID, in the "My account" section, under the "Dashboard" subsection.



If the balance is not displayed, ensure that the MetaMask wallet is actively connected (green indicator next to the MetaMask icon). If it's red, click on the MetaMask icon).



Note! Your tokens are directly on your MetaMask wallet, not in the Sabai ID account. Therefore, you can also check their amount directly through the wallet interface.

How to top up Sabai ID off-chain balance?

To use certain Sabai Ecoverse products, such as Property pools or Staking, you'll need $SABAI tokens in the off-chain balance of your Sabai ID account. Let's walk through how to top it up.


1. Log in to your Sabai ID and go to the "Deposit SABAI" subsection under "My account."



2. Ensure that your MetaMask wallet is actively connected to Sabai ID (a green indicator should be displayed next to the MetaMask emblem). If the indicator is red, click on the MetaMask emblem, enter the password in the pop-up window (if prompted). After connecting, the indicator will turn green.



Note! If you haven't connected MetaMask to your Sabai ID account before, the process will differ. In such cases, we recommend using our FULL GUIDE: MetaMask + Sabai.


3. Choose the blockchain (Ethereum and Polygon) in which you want to make the deposit. Note! Your $SABAI tokens must be in the same blockchain.



4. Enter the amount of tokens you want to transfer to the off-chain balance of Sabai ID from your MetaMask wallet and click "Next."



5. Then, click the "Transfer" button.



6. In the MetaMask pop-up window, review the transaction details and click the "Confirm" button. Note! There will be a commission in MATIC tokens (for deposits on the Polygon network) or Ethereum tokens (for deposits on the Ethereum network) for adding transactions to the blockchain. If needed, you can buy them on any cryptocurrency exchange.



7. Great! You have successfully topped up the off-chain balance of your Sabai ID. Important! The crediting of $SABAI tokens may take up to 24 hours. However, it usually occurs faster.


Now that you have $SABAI tokens, you can invest in one of the Sabai Ecoverse investment tools, such as a property pool (FULL GUIDE: Property Pools) or staking (FULL GUIDE: Staking with Sabai).


How to change the Sabai ID password?

1. To change your Sabai ID password, go to the "My account" section, then the "Profile" subsection.



2. Click the "Edit Profile" button.



3. Go to the "Change password" section.



4. Enter the current password, new password, and repeat the new password.



5. Congratulations! You have successfully changed your password!

How to recover access to Sabai ID if I forgot the password?

1. Go to the Sabai Ecoverse website and click "Sign In".



2. Click "Forgot password?"



3. Enter the email registered with your Sabai ID and click "Send Reset Link".



4. In the email received, click on the "Reset Password" button. After going to the password reset page, write a new password, then repeat it. After that, click "Reset".



5. Congratulations! You have changed your password!

Sections of Sabai ID: Dashboard

Dashboard – the main page of Sabai ID, displaying essential information: the amount of SABAI tokens in off-chain Sabai and on-chain Staking, as well as the official contracts of the platform.

What is a Gift Code?

A gift code is a unique set of characters in the format XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX, which is linked to a predetermined amount of $SABAI tokens. The gift code can be entered in the "Dashboard" subsection, under the "My account" section, in the corresponding field to receive $SABAI tokens into the off-chain account balance. Each gift code can only be used once.

Sections of Sabai ID: Off-chain farming

Off-chain farming – a section displaying the deposit size (including the bonus) and the bonus coefficient, which can be increased, for example, by upgrading your rank in Sabai Light. In this section, you can also claim your daily reward for the deposit.

Sections of Sabai ID: History

History – a section displaying all your off-chain transactions.

Sections of Sabai ID: Before TGE

Before TGE – personal results of users who participated in the project before TGE.

Sections of Sabai ID: Profile

Profile – your profile displaying your data. You can add to it by clicking "Edit Profile".

Sections of Sabai ID: KYC

KYC – a section for undergoing the verification procedure (KYC). Currently under development.

Sections of Sabai ID: External Wallet

External Wallet – a section displaying your MetaMask wallet linked to Sabai ID. Only one wallet can be linked to one Sabai ID account simultaneously. If you remove the wallet from Sabai ID, you can link a new one only after 24 hours.

Sections of Sabai ID: On-chain vesting

On-chain vesting – a section displaying your locked tokens during the vesting period and the process of their unlocking.

Sections of Sabai ID: On-chain staking

On-chain staking – is a section for creating staking and monitoring previously activated. Staking in Sabai Ecoverse offers a fixed reward and duration – 5% over 100 days. Early withdrawal is possible with a penalty of 25% of the deposit. 

The minimum staking amount is 500 $SABAI tokens on the Polygon network and 3500 $SABAI tokens on the Ethereum network.

When you create a staking, you also increase the Staking Volume, earning additional rewards based on its size, such as incentives for development in Sabai Light.

To access more detailed information, please go to the guides section STAKING.

Sections of Sabai ID: Official contracts

Official contracts – a section containing all the official contracts of Sabai Ecoverse. Using the Ethereum or Polygon network explorer, you can view the code and activity of Sabai Ecoverse contracts to ensure their correct operation.

Sections of Sabai ID: Products

Products – a section where all Sabai Ecoverse products are gathered.

Sections of Sabai ID: Sabai Light

Sabai Light – is a browser-based, intuitive F2P clicker game where you develop your resort business. Build various buildings and complete missions to increase your rank in the game.

As your in-game level grows, you enhance the additional income daily credited in $SABAI tokens to your off-chain balance in Sabai ID. The payout amount is calculated as the product of the Staking Volume and the percentage of Farming per day corresponding to your rank.

Sections of Sabai ID: Sabai World

Sabai World – a AAA-class mobile game centered around creating a virtual resort business. The game features Play-2-Earn mechanics and educational integrations on blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, fractional, and tokenized real estate. Thus, as users develop their resort business, they will earn tokens from the ecosystem, which can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or invested in Property Pools (full guide )and Staking (full guide).


Sections of Sabai ID: Lands

Lands – a mini-game based on the map of Sabai World. Currently under development.

Sections of Sabai ID: Community

Community – a section where all platforms for interaction within the Sabai Ecoverse community are gathered, including our social media accounts. Subscribe to stay updated on project development news and various activities, including $SABAI token giveaways.

Sections of Sabai ID: Support

Support – a section for contacting the technical support service of Sabai Ecosystem.

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